Brand Guidelines

The MVCDS标志 - Basic Usage

The MVCDS Corporate Logo is comprised of three basic elements, the Corporate Symbol, the Primary Logotype, and the Secondary Logotype. The spatial relationship between the three elements must not change. At no time should an attempt be made to alter these elements in any way or to add anything to them. When resizing the logo, you must increase or decrease it in size as a unit.

NOTE: If you would like to use the Corporate Logo in print, it is essential that it be reproduced from the master digital artwork, available in Apple Macintosh and PC formats, from the Maumee Valley Marketing department at 419-381-1313 x114.

NOTE: If you would like to use the Corporate Symbol “M” alone, please contact the Maumee Valley Marketing department at 419-381-1313 x114 for proper usage.

The MVCDS标志 - Configurations

The MVCDS logo configurations shown below are the ONLY configurations of proper usage for MVCDS. No other variations and/or configurations are acceptable.

The configurations below show two distinct variations of the Maumee Valley logo. Each one has been thoughtfully designed and is not to be tampered with. The elements within each version form a unit and should be enlarged or reduced as a unit.

The MVCDS标志 - Color Palette

The MVCDS标志 colors are PMS 287 and PMS Cool Gray 7. It is acceptable that the logo is reproduced in its two-color form, or in one of the one-color options shown below. In the two-color version, the “columns” are always blue, and the “V” is always gray.

标志的元素 & 字体


  • Element Identifiers

    M: Corporate Symbol
    滨水区谷: Primary Logotype
    Country Day School: Secondary Logotype
  • Font Specifications

    M: N/A, Graphic Element
    滨水区谷: 奴才
    Country Day School: Helvetica 45 Light

MVCDS Color Palette

MVCDS's primary school colors are PMS 287 Blue and White.

Secondary colors acceptable for use as accent use (with the permission of the Marketing Director) are PMS Cool Gray 7, PMS 2767 Athletic Blue, 和绿色口音. Primary colors and secondary colors should not be used in an overlapping fashion to create a third color or color range. Gradients are not acceptable; however transparencies at either 70% or 55% are acceptable.


  • 公司名称 & 品牌使用

    MVCDS uses the company name and brand image to identify and promote our corporation to a wide variety of audiences.

    These Corporate Identity Guidelines are intended to provide basic rules to follow when using the Maumee Valley Country Day School Logo.

    If special circumstances arise causing doubt as to proper usage, contact Kevin Merrill, Director of Marketing and Communications, at 419-381-1313 x114.
Maumee Valley Country Day School is the only PreK-12th grade accredited, 男女合校, and independent school in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.